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"Lots of fast flowy trails, short punchy climbs, and a couple of long grinders. These trails always give me a great workout. The scenery is awesome. One full loop is 10 miles with the new addition of loop D."

- Singletracks.com Reviewer



Passionate about the outdoors, we have ridden and raced mountain bikes all over the country, hiked through streams and mountains worldwide. It's from those experiences that we could come together and design the best trail system possible within Mill Creek Park in Marshall, Illinois.  Our trails have become training grounds for endurance trail runners and mountain bikers alike.

"There are VERY long sections of bench cuts that get you to that sweet spot on a steep hillside that other trail builders wouldn't take the time or have the manpower to tackle. Keep in mind, it was all done by hand without any mechanized equipment involved."

- Singletracks.com Reviewer