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August 29, 2020

We’ve been excited to host an endurance mountain bike race for years, and here it is! The Hammer Road 100 is a 100 mile and a 100k (62 mile) race at the FPM Trails. For both races, there will be multiple options to ride.

The 100 mile (8 laps) race can be ridden individually or as either a 2 person or 5 person team. The race will start at 7:00am, and you’ll be allowed 12 hours to finish. Awards will be given to all teams that finish under 12 hours. Additional awards will be given to the winners of each category.

The 100k (5 laps) race can also be ridden individually or as a 2 person team. This race will start at 11:00am, and you’ll be allowed 8 hours to finish. Awards will be given to all individuals and teams that finish under 8 hours. Additional awards will also be given to the winners of each category.


The course will start by crossing the dam and turning right on Trail B and cover the whole trail system (Trails B, C, and D). After completing B, C, and D, the course will then return across the dam and take a right turn on Trail A. After completing A, you will cross the staging area and complete the lap on the new Easy A trail. One lap is about 12.8 miles. 

We will have a cookout at the pavilion at 7:00pm for all the racers and volunteers.


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